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★ rhiannon or rhi
★ any pronouns, prefer she/they
★ 6th october, libra, young adult
★ lesbian
★ college student



a nightmare on elm street, child’s play, happy death day (1, 2), hearts beat loud, hellraiser, i know what you did last summer, lady bird, little women (2019), mamma mia! (1, 2), ready or not, scream (1, 2, 3), summerland, the craft, the half of it, thelma and louise, the secret world of arrietty, the witch + most disney films

tv shows

angel, anne with an e, buffy the vampire slayer, dead to me, derry girls, doctor who, euphoria, hollywood, killing eve, legacies, lucifer, orange is the new black, picnic at hanging rock, stranger things, she-ra and the princesses of power + wynonna earp


abba, fall out boy, dreamcatcher, dreamnote, fleetwood mac, haim, lorde, loona, marianas trench, mxmtoon, paramore (+ hayley williams), pvris, rina sawayama, stand atlantic, taylor swift, the aces, tonight alive + many k-pop girl groups

comfort characters

buffy summers, dawn summers, faith lehane, fred burkle, judy hale, lizzie saltzman, sidney prescott, tara maclay + all of my ocs

favourite characters

adora, amy pond, anya jenkins, aster flores, bonnie harper, catra, chloe decker, clara oswald, cordelia chase, hope mikaelson, jules vaughn, julie james, miranda reid, nancy thompson, nicole haught, orla mccool, robin buckley, rue bennett, tree gelbman, willow rosenberg + yorkie (san junipero)


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original characters...
because a total of no one asked for it, here are some of my main ocs! i create most (if not all) of these with my very close friend online. i have a lot, as evident by this google drive, so i narrowed them down to only my most developed and favourites!
WINNIE CARTWRIGHT: created 10.01.19. orange is the new black oc. a former inmate at litchfield maximum security penitentiary. a strong-willed and confident woman, winnie was originally sentenced for six years in minimum security, a combined charge for drug trafficking and money laundering, although she was later transferred due to the possession of contraband. (read more)
SHANNON MCCARTHY: created 23.02.19. derry girls oc. raised as a protestant in belfast, northern ireland, shannon moved to derry along with her dad, following an intense family dispute. as a recently out lesbian with a spunky and unapologetic nature, she was a bit of a wildcard for her first few days at our lady immaculate, the local catholic school. (read more)
LEXI WANG: created 29.06.19. “men in black” oc. a strict, stern and very “by-the-book” respected agent at O.P.E.R.A, sometimes to the extent that she doesn’t know when to loosen up. with a hidden depth and trauma, lexi has tried so hard to move and push on with her life. mentor of the rambunctious long-standing rookie ayla clarke, which gradually blossoms from a mentor and her rookie to romantic feelings. (read more)
CHARLOTTE GREENE: created 30.05.19. fandomless oc. following the insect-borne pandemic that spread like a wildfire throughout florida, former veterinary student charlie has alone since she lost her mother to the disease. at least, she's been alone aside from the company of her irish terrier, finn. this was until charlie discovered a group of survivors at a hotel in florida city — where she has since been declared the "medic" of the group due to her adapting her knowledge from veterinary studies and applying it to humans. despite going predominantly by charlie, she won't object to being called charlotte. (read more)

LAUREN GARDNER: created 22.09.19. buffy the vampire slayer oc. following buffy’s death in 2007, as the legend goes, another slayer was called upon. all the way over in new orleans, lauren gardner was chosen as the next generation’s slayer: a girl who is compassionate and loves fiercely, but falls victim to the pressure of living up to the immense, incredible legacy that buffy left behind. (read more)
ELVINA UPLAND-THROPP: created 25.02.20. wicked-cross-descendents oc. born in auradon amidst the fiasco of shipping the villains and their descendants off to the newly-created isle of the lost, elvina was separated from one of her mothers, elphaba, and her twin sister, billina. this left her to be raised by glinda, remaining in auradon. elvina is an independent, enthusiastic and fiery girl, but she falls victim to elphaba's horrible anger issues. (read more)
SYDNEY TRACHTENBERG: created 04.03.20. stranger things oc. following a second wave of disappearances in 1992, popular girl sydney embarks on an investigation to find her younger brother, while striking an unlikely ally with her former-friend/crush (it's complicated) jess simmons. sydney and jess starting hanging out during the summer before junior year, bonding over the anger/grief from a passed parent. it all changed when sydney broke it off unexpectedly; it turns out she developed a crush on jess and her internalised lesbophobia couldn't handle it. (read more)
ANDY MCNAMARA: created 18.04.20. fandomless oc. (THEY/THEM ONLY) since about eleven and growing up as a tomboy teen, they have strictly gone by andy ever since. to put it simply, if you ever wanted a relatable millennial oc with probable daddy issues, andy's your person. (read more)
LIZZIE THOMPSON: created 19.04.20. doctor who oc. lizzie is the twelfth doctor's energetic and enthusiastic companion, canonically taking place between series nine and ten. her adhd causes her restless and impulsive nature, but above all, lizzie is an extremely enthusiastic individual who isn't scared or grossed out easily. (read more)